Moby and Monica Lewinsky Join Celebration Party for Dancing Man Sean O'Brien in L.A.

A number of Hollywood stars joined a Saturday night party in Los Angeles dedicated to a cyber-bullied victim, Sean O'Brien, to show their support to anti-bullying movement.

AceShowbiz - Sean O'Brien, known as the Dancing Man, got his party in Los Angeles with a pack of stars last Saturday, May 23. The party was organized in his honor after he was cyber-bullied in 4chan website.

It was musician Hope Leigh alongside writer Cassandra Fairbanks who sought Sean after his picture went viral on the internet. They then flew him out from London to Los Angeles for a dance party in his honor. The surprise continued as the party was also attended by Hollywood celebrities, including Moby, Andrew W.K. and Monica Lewinsky, who wanted to show their support to anti-bullying movement.

"Keep that in mind. As we're going through life, we encounter hardship,... adversity, we don't turn against them," Andrew said on the stage to address bullying issue. "We don't let them hurt us who use them to make ourselves better, bigger and stronger people."

Pharrell Williams said in a pre-taped presentation during the event, "When that first came out and they were teasing you, I bet you thought, 'Man, this is not cool.' But there was a miracle in it. Because some people saw it, and those people decided that they needed to stand up for not only you, but for anyone in your position that just wants to trust themselves and is criticized or ridiculed for it. And they did the exact opposite - they wanted to encourage you to dance more, dance free."

After Pharrell's presentation finished, Moby started his DJ performance. All partygoers in the room danced as Moby began spinning.

During the party, Sean danced all night with the other partygoers. He said, "I've never danced so much, it's been the best night of my life, unbelievable."

Monica Lewinsky who is part of anti-bullying group Bystander Revolution presented $30,000 check to the Trevor Project, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, Cybersmile, and Kidscape. In her presentation, she also addressed Sean as she said, "Sean was brave - he stepped forward and said, 'I am dancing man.' We're here tonight to celebrate Sean... celebrate dancing understanding compassion and bravery."

After the party, Sean expressed gratitude on his Twitter. "A last massive thanks to all those who were there last night to help make it so memorable," he wrote. "and everyone who has supported and followed for last two months to help make it happen. So much love in the world @DanceFreeMvmt." The event apparently was able to restore faith in humanity amid the growing number of hatred and troll in social media.

Sean became one night sensation on the internet after 4chan picture of him went viral. The viral picture included two photos of Sean in one frame showing him dancing and having his head down. The caption read, "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

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