Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and More 'Supernatural' Stars Dance in 'Shake It Off' Parody

In honor of the season 10 finale of the series, the Hillywood Show releases a parody video featuring cameos from cast members including Padalecki, Ackles, Matt Cohen and more.

AceShowbiz - In honor of the season 10 finale of "Supernatural", the Hillywood Show has released a new parody video for the show. Debuted on Wednesday, May 21, the video finds sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi as Dean and Castiel respectively. Meanwhile, %cOsric Chau% dons a wig for his role as Sam.

The hilarious clip features these characters reenacting some scenes from the hit series as well as from %cTaylor Swift%'s "Shake It Off". The hit song's lyrics have also been rewritten to match the story of the show.

To make the parody more special, a bunch of real "Supernatural" cast members appear in the video and show off their dance moves. In addition to %cJared Padalecki% and %cJensen Ackles%, viewers get to see cameos from %cMisha Collins%, %cTahmoh Penikett%, %cMatt Cohen%, %cGil McKinney%, %cRichard Speight, Jr.%, %cLauren Tom%, %cTravis Aaron Wade%, %cTim Omundson%, %cSamantha Smith%, %cSebastian Roche%, %cMark Pellegrino% and %cTyler Johnson%.

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