Jensen Ackles Reaches Out to Jared Padalecki After Public Appearance Cancellation

Jensen Ackles tells his 'Supernatural' brother, 'I got your back,' and explains to fans that the actor exhausts himself and just needs some rest.

AceShowbiz - %cJared Padalecki% gets touching support from his "Supernatural" co-star %cJensen Ackles% after canceling public appearances with worrisome messages. "Get some rest, my brother. I got ur back...Always. #AlwaysKeepFighting #SPNfamily," Ackles wrote to his on-screen brother.

Padalecki raised concerns when he tweeted, "Dear #JIBCON and #AHBL6. I am in desperate and urgent need of my family. I am so sorry to tell you this but I must head home." He added, "I need all of the love I can get right now. Please please give me a few seconds of your time and write me. #AlwaysKeepFighting."

Padalecki was in the middle of touring Europe to attend fan conventions with Ackles when he felt the need to return to the States to be with his family. Ackles who attended JIBCon solo explained to the fans attending the event that Padalecki just needed some rest.

"He's a big guy with a big heart," he said, "and sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop giving himself and he gives himself a lot to what he does, he gives himself a lot to you guys and he gives himself a lot to his family, friends, work and his job. Sometimes you just need to get home and rest with your family. That's what he's doing."

In March, Jared Padalecki opened up about his struggle with depression. "I, in the past, have had my own struggles of not [being] so happy with where I am in life, which is strange and I think it goes to show," he said. "Maybe a lot of people don't know this, but Season 3, we were shooting an episode, and I went back to my trailer to get changed and just kind of broke down."

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