Young Buck Is a Fan of Taylor Swift's Music, Would Love to Collaborate With Her

'Hey, I'm a fan of her music,' Buck revealed his admiration for Swift, adding that 'it would be magic' if they can collaborate.

AceShowbiz - Hip hop star %cYoung Buck% has made no secret that he is a fan of %cTaylor Swift%ís music. His admiration for the songstress was first pronounced after she covered his hit track "Shorty Wanna Ride" at last month's 7th Annual Shorty Awards, during when she accepted an award for her social media presence by video.

In an interview with Complex, Buck opened up about Swift, saying "There are a lot of artists that may be in different genres of music that are fans of hip-hop that express it and some may not. I think it is cool to see Taylor let the people know that, 'Hey, I'm a fan of this music. There nothing wrong with being a fan of this music.'" He added, "Itís nothing wrong with me [saying], 'Hey, Iím a fan of her music,' and actually mean it."

Buck, moreover, told Complex that he would love to collaborate with Swift. "It would be magic," he told Complex (via Billboard).Swift herself, in fact, is a fan of Buck and has revealed in an interview with Vibe last year that back when she was a teenager growing up in Nashville, she and her boyfriend would drive by his house and geek out admiring his cars.

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