Run The Jewels' Killer Mike Gets Shoulder Injury After Onstage Attack During SXSW

The one half of the rap duo told fans while performing at another SXSW concert on Friday, March 20 that he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff after a man assaulted him earlier in the week.

AceShowbiz - %cKiller Mike% was left injured in an attack happening at %cRun The Jewels%' SXSW gig recently. The rapper, who stopped a man from punching %cEL-P% on the stage during the incident, revealed while playing another SXSW show that he's suffering a shoulder injury.

Taking the stage at Stubb's BBQ on Friday, March 20, Mike told the crowd that he flew back to Atlanta to see a doctor following the attack. The doctor diagnosed him with a torn rotator cuff and told him to take a break from performing.

"I was like, 'Doctor, I'm not leaving the road,' " Mike said. "The tour goes on!" He added that he'd also ignored the doctor's advice to wear an arm sling.

While Run The Jewels was performing at Spotify House earlier this week, a man suddenly jumped onto the stage and tried to hit El-P. Mike saw the man and intercepted him before some people from their team rushed to help. The man allegedly accused the duo of stealing lyrics.

At the Friday show, El-P addressed the assault before he and Mike tackled their track "Banana Clipper". "Last time we did this song, it was interrupted," he told the audience. "Let's not let that happen again."

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