Patrick Schwarzenegger Is 'Devastated' Over Cheating Rumors, Miley Has Night Out at Laugh Factory

While 'devastated' Patrick continues his vacation in Cabo, San Lucas, Miley enjoys the comedy of Dane Cook onstage with her friend at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - %cPatrick Schwarzenegger% continues his vacation in Cabo, San Lucas although he is "devastated" by the surfaced photos of him getting cozy with a bikini-clad girl, according to E! News. A source close to the situation tells the site that the pictures are "shady."

On Monday night, March 16, %cMiley Cyrus% was spotted going to Laugh Factory in Hollywood with her friend. She kept silence while reporters outside the venue asked her about Patrick cheating rumors. Laugh Factory's owner Jamie Masada tells the site of the "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker, "I thought she had the time of her life."

Jamie adds, "She was having a great time and she really enjoyed it. If she did have something going on with Patrick, you could not tell because she was laughing so hard." He says the last time Miley came to the club with Patrick and his mom Maria Shriver in January. "She loved to laugh. She has such an infectious laugh...I never seen anybody laugh so hard," he shares.

An insider shares details of Miley's night out to HollywoodLife, "Miley seemed like she was in a good mood. She was laughing and smiling during the show. It was Spanglish night at the Laugh Factory with Latin comedians. She sat in the VIP section and left right after the show. She was [with] one female friend."

The insider says the "We Can't Stop" sonsgtress was in good spirits. "Miley was riot!" the insider explains, "She had to have gone straight home and put ice on her jaw because all I could see were her pearly whites. She was laughing so hard at one point, she blotted the tears of laughter from her face. She was having that kind of time. A ball! The building could have been burning to the ground but Miley wouldn't have noticed. She was totally into the comics and enjoyed her outing to the fullest."

"She was sipping on cocktails - two to be exact," the insider continues, "She seemed in a really good place. Really good energy and her smile lit up the room."

Another source says that Miley is considering giving Patrick another chance. "Miley gets it - he was partying in Cabo and things can look worse than they are. Everyone is drinking and wearing next to nothing on the beach so she somewhat understands," the source explains, "Still she doesn't get why he needs to hold her hand or do body shots off of her. Miley also doesn't love him acting like a frat boy either. She thought he was more mature than that. To be honest she wouldn't mind him doing those things as long as she was there and could do it too!"

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