Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Recreate 'Happy Gilmore' Fight for Autism Charity

The 'Grown Ups' actor and the former 'Price is Right' host beat each other up using vase, prosthetic leg, and Ebola in a hospital reunion.

AceShowbiz - %cAdam Sandler% and %cBob Barker% kill each other as they reenact their "Happy Gilmore" brawl in a hilarious Comedy Central skit to benefit autism education. The actor visits the former "Price Is Right" host in hospital, but the friendly reunion quickly gets ugly.

Sandler angers Barker when he offers to put "Price Is Right" on TV and unwittingly praises Barker's successor. "Love the host," the comedian says, referring to the current game show star %cDrew Carey%. "He's just so funny and not crotchety and angry."

Meanwhile, Barker makes fun of Sandler's age. "How old are you - 60? I guess doing all those movies without me took its toll," he quips. He also mocks the actor's movie, "I wish I could see %cDavid Spade%'s face when he finds out there won't be a 'Grown Ups 3!' "

Sandler and Barker are fighting using vase of flowers, a prostatic leg, and Ebola-laced fluid until both end up dead. Even in heaven, the duo still hates each other.

The skit dubbed "Night of Too Many Stars" was filmed at the Beacon Theater and is set to air on Comedy Central on Sunday, March 8.

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