Helen Mirren Takes a Tumble at 'Woman in Gold' Berlin Premiere

The 69-year-old actress, who wears a green lace dress at the film event, trips on the stairs but quickly recovers.

AceShowbiz - %cHelen Mirren% stumbled on the red carpet event of "Woman in Gold" premiere in Berlin. The 69-year-old actress, who looked beautiful in a green figure-hugging dress by Dolce & Gabbana, was photographed taking a tumble at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale on Monday, February 9. Tripping on the stairs, the actress was quickly back on her feet with the help of a man nearby.

In the movie, Mirren plays a Jewish refugee named Maria Altmann who is determined to recover her family's painting by Gustav Klimt which was stolen by the Nazi and ends up in Austria. %cRyan Reynolds% plays a lawyer who helps her.

Speaking at a press conference for the movie, Mirren was emotional when talking about the painting which features a woman named Amalie Zuckerkandl. "It's beautiful and Amalie died in a death camp. That woman, just a few years after that picture was painted died in a death camp," she told reporters.

"And there is her portrait up on the wall in the Belvedere and in a way I found that just the most emotional thing to see because now her portrait is on the wall in one of the most important galleries in Germany, and yet that woman died in a death camp," she added. "To me that brings together the whole story together in one image."

Apart from the British actress and Reynolds, the movie stars %cKatie Holmes%, %cDaniel Bruhl%, %cTatiana Maslany%, %cFrances Fisher% and %cCharles Dance% among others. The Simon Curtis-directed drama is set for release in the U.S. on April 3.

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