'The Interview' Will Screen in Canada

Sony says in a statement that the comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen will open in 27 theaters starting on Friday, January 2.

AceShowbiz - People in Canada soon will be able to watch "The Interview" in theaters. Sony announced on Tuesday, December 30 that the comedy starring %cJames Franco% and %cSeth Rogen% would arrive in 27 theaters across the country starting on Friday, January 2. As reported by The Associated Press, the movie will hit theaters in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

"The Interview", focusing on two journalists who are sent by the CIA to assassinate North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un, was released in select theaters on Christmas Day and digitally following a 9/11-style threat from a group of hackers. The comedy earned $15 million in online sales and rentals through Saturday, Sony said.

Earlier this month, the FBI named North Korea as the one who is responsible in the massive cyber attack targeting Sony Pictures. They were adamant that the country was the culprit despite a recent report by cyberanalyst firm the Norse Corp. which suggested that a group of six individuals, including at least one former employee, was the one who initiated the attack. On Monday, the FBI responded to the report saying, "There is no credible information to indicate that any other individual is responsible for this cyberincident."

Despite the statement, The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that some agents met analysts from Norse on Monday to listen to their opinion regarding the attack. "They basically said thanks a lot and shook our hands and took off," said Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president at Norse. "I have not gotten the impression that they have their minds made up or they are not open to new information. If they weren't, they wouldn't take a meeting with us."

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