Video: Man Recreates Sia's 'Chandelier' Music Video After Losing Fantasy Football Bet

The man named Chuck Jose a.k.a. CJ also attempts to do the split as he recreates the choreography originally done by young dancer Maddie Ziegler.

AceShowbiz - A man was forced to recreate %cSia Furler%'s "Chandelier" video after he lost a fantasy football bet. The dude named Chuck Jose a.k.a. CJ, who according to his website is a digital operation specialist for PlayStation from San Francisco, posted a video of him hilariously donning blonde wig and a nude-colored leotard while busting out some choreography moves originally done by young dancer Maddie Ziegler.

The nearly-4-minute video features CJ's homemade version of "Chandelier" and the original put side-by-side. He's seen almost perfectly mirroring Ziegler but he chooses not to recreate the difficult moves like the flips. He, however, attempts to do the splits.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, December 1. It came along with an advice from CJ. "Never lose a fantasy football bet or else you will create a shot for shot, homemade version of the music video for Sia's 'Chandelier'," he wrote in the description.

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