Z100's Jingle Ball 2010: Katy Perry, B.o.B, Bruno Mars' Performances

Katy Perry performed as a beautiful toy soldier in her solo set, while B.o.B and Bruno Mars shared stage in 'Nothin' on You'.

AceShowbiz - A week after the taping, Z100's Jingle Ball taking place at Madison Square Garden has finally aired on Fuse on Thursday night, December 16. It featured a bunch of A-list musical guests like %cKaty Perry%, %cB.o.B%, %cBruno Mars%, %cTaio Cruz% and many more.

Perry came out of a giant wrapped present at the beginning of her set, surprising concertgoers with her toy soldier costume. She mixed her setlist with old materials like "I Kissed a Girl" and new songs like "Firework". Instead of bringing her Nutcrackers, the Jingle Ball vet got some ballerinas in gold tutus.

"I remember when I came on, and I was really scared," Perry recalled. "Obviously now I'm not scared anymore -- if you didn't' notice this outfit -- and I sang this song, and I'm going to do a remix of it now. Thank you Z100 for breaking that song and changing my life."

While it was not Perry's first Jingle Ball performance, it marked B.o.B and Mars' debut as a performer at the gig. B.o.B sang solo in "Don't Let Me Fall", and invited Mars in "Nothin' on You" before joining forces later with %cParamore%'s %cHayley Williams% in "Airplanes". Mars also made a duet with %cTravis McCoy% in "Billionaire".

The other musical acts included young stars %cJustin Bieber% and %cSelena Gomez%. While Bieber rocked the stage with guests like %cJaden Smith% and %cSean Kingston%, Gomez brought down the house with her band %cThe Scene%. Celebrity guests that night included %cKim Kardashian%.


"Don't Let Me Fall":

"Nothin' on You" and "Airplanes":


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