Matt Dillon's Need for Speed Led to Him Being Arrested

Caught by the police traveling at 106 miles per hour on a Vermont interstate highway, Matt Dillon, the star of 'Crash', was arrested and charged with driving at an excessive speed.

AceShowbiz - %cMatt Dillon% has spent several hours of his New Year's Eve on police custody. Having been caught red handed driving at 106 miles per hour in a 65 miles per hour zone, the Academy Award-nominated actor for his performance in "Crash" has been arrested and charged with driving at an excessive speed on Tuesday, December 30.

E! Online reported that state troopers claimed the police stopped the 44-year-old at about 10 P.M. on Interstate 91 in the town of Newbury, Vermount. According to Vermont State Police Sgt. Tara Thomas, he was traveling north in a rented 2009 Chevrolet Impala. While in custody, he was fingerprinted and photographed by police.

The "You, Me and Dupree" actor has been released with a citation to appear at Vermont's Orange County Court on January 21. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of three months in jail and a $300 fine. Commenting on the citation, Thomas stated, "We're trying to treat him no different than we would anyone else." Meanwhile, words from Dillon's camp regarding the incident have yet to be thrown out.

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