Full Length Trailer of 'Notorious' Found

Watch how Christopher Wallace becomes the Notorious B.I.G. people have known in the new trailer of George Tillman Jr.-directed biopic, 'Notorious'.

AceShowbiz - Fox Searchlight Pictures have presented the full length trailer of their upcoming drama biopic, "Notorious". Giving out more to the life-and-death story of %cNotorious B.I.G.% than what the teaser has displayed earlier, the trailer chronicles B.I.G.'s childhood, his problems with police, his rise to stardom and the event leading to his murder.

Opened with a clip showing screaming crowd, the footage starts with an introduction to the legendary rapper, claiming him as "the greatest rapper of all time" and "a visionary of the hip hop world". It then flashes back to the time when he was a child, growing up in Brooklyn, New York and dealing drugs at an early age. Exposing his talent, the footage continues by displaying how he deals with his fame and his romance with two different women.

Starring %cJamal Woolard% stars as the titular character, the biopic is supported by multiple award winner %cAngela Bassett% as B.I.G.'s mother Voletta Wallace, %cDerek Luke% as %cP. Diddy%, %cAntonique Smith% as %cFaith Evans%, %cAnthony Mackie% as %cTupac Shakur%, %cAnwan Glover% as %cSnoop Dogg%, %cNaturi Naughton% as %cLil' Kim% and others. It is slated to be released in U.S. theaters on January 16, 2009.

"Notorious" Trailer:

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