Gerard Butler Named Action Movie Star of the Year

"300" star Gerard Butler will be bestowed the Action Movie Star of the Year prize at the 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards held on May 20.

AceShowbiz - Hit the big screen hard through his heroic performance in epic saga "300", %cGerard Butler% will be honored the title of the Action Movie Star of the Year at this year's Taurus World Stunt Awards.

Recognized for doing many of his own stunts in the film apart from his extensive training in preparing his role as King Leonidas, the actor will receive the prize during the World Stunt Foundation's Hollywood ceremony held on May 20 at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California.

"It is such a special honor to receive this award from the stunt community," Butler humbly remarked. "In each action film I'm a part of, I am continually amazed by their remarkable talent. While I am proud to receive this accolade, I am keenly aware of who the real action heroes are."

Hosted by Dwayne '%cThe Rock%' Johnson, the event will also honor fellow actor %cBurt Reynolds% the Taurus Lifetime Achievement Award for an Action Star with stuntwoman %cJeanne Epper% to become the first woman to receive a lifetime achievement honor from the organization.

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