A Ride in Tommyland

Tommy Lee releases his new album, "Tommyland: The Ride" on August 9

AceShowbiz - After three years, %cTommy Lee% finally comes up with a new album entitled "Tommyland: The Ride" on Tuesday, August 9. The album contains his collaborations with other artists, like %cMatt Sorum% of %cVelvet Revolver%, %cChad Kroeger% of %cNickelback%, %cJoel Madden% and %cBenji Madden% of %cGood Charlotte%, %cDeryck Whibley% of %cSum 41%, %cNick Carter% of %cBackstreet Boys%, %cDave Navarro% of %cJane's Addiction%, %cAndrew McMahon% of %cSomething Corporate% and %cCarl Bell% of %cFuel%. One of its singles, "Good Times," becomes the theme song of Lee's reality show, "Tommy Lee Goes To College."

In related news, Lee states that he and former wife %cPamela Anderson% still possess deep feelings toward each other. "We're crazy in love," he said. "We're going to take things slowly and see where they go."

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