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Week 11 of 2019

Jonas Brothers

There are many music groups whose reunion are craved by a lot of people, and Jonas Brothers is definitely among them. Thus, when the siblings band finally reunited and released their first single entitled "Sucker" after nearly six years, it caused a massive fans frenzy on the internet and became a hot topic for days.

Written by Jonas Brothers and Ryan Tedder, the upbeat pop song is about someone who will go to great length for their beloved person because they are infatuated with them. Following the release of the song, it quickly broke through to the top 10 of music charts in several countries. Among them were Australia, Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

In the United States itself, "Sucker" is expected to debut atop Billboard's Hot 100 chart, marking their first No. 1 single in their 13-year-long career. According to the music publication, the single should rocket in with over 40 million streams, 25 million radio audience impressions and 80,000 downloads after full week of tracking. Meanwhile, it debuted at No. 28 on Pop Songs airplay chart following its first three days of release.

Not only the song, but the music video also attracted a lot of attention due to its theme and stars, who are the brothers' significant others. Their decision to do this was praised by several music critics, with Jason Pham of Style Caster saying, "Instead of baiting fans with the playboy-like personas crafted for them, the brothers are showing them what healthy, happy and loving relationship look like, and how fans can aspire for a relationship like that too."

"Sucker" apparently won't be the only new song that fans of Jonas Brothers can enjoy. In a radio interview, Joe Jonas said, "We have probably 30, 40 songs recorded that we can't wait to release. I think in the next few months you're probably going to hear more."

Nick Jonas has also hinted at a tour as saying, "The main thing for us is just getting back in front of our fans and doing some live shows. So hopefully later on this year, we'll get back out on the road and play some of this new music."


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Within a year Jonas Brothers have successfully raised their reputation to be one of musicians worth acknowledged. If their first effort "It's About Time" (2006) only managed to peak at #91, their self-titled sophomore album went straight to #5 in Billboard Hot 200 chart. In the first week of its release, the album was sold 69,000 copies, beating various artists' soundtrack of "Hairspray" by hundreds. A review in USA Today read, "They've got fizzy harmonies, punchy power chords and sugary choruses that bounce off the walls." Prior and post the album's release, the trio have sold out tickets of their shows, graced covers of teen magazines and been signed for special appearances. As young icons, they have been booked to make a cameo in Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana" TV series on August 17 where they will perform a duet with the main star Miley Cyrus. The brothers also jumped on their first major tour as the supporting act of Cyrus on that fall starting from October 18 in St. Louis, Missouri. » more

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