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  • The Unholy
    • Genre : Horror,Supernatural
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : -
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Screen Gems
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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  • this familiar but absorbing picture from writer-director Evan Spiliotopoulos manages to succeed more than it has any right to
    by Pete Hammond [Deadline ]
  • however, it does have atmospheric dread, solid performances, and an effectively sinister concept to offset the depth of the story
    3 of 5 by Robert Kojder [Flickering Myth ]
  • after an intriguing setup that takes its time building atmosphere and characters, declining to rush the first death, the film becomes progressively more overwrought and hokey
    by David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • a poorly made horror takes an interesting concept, from a James Herbert novel, and squanders it with ineffective visuals and a dearth of scares; If the devil did exist then surely he’d have the power to destroy films as dull as this
    1 of 5 by Benjamin Lee [The Guardian ]
  • "The Unholy" loses itself in a horror approach better suited for trailers than sustained feature tension, as blasphemy becomes less and less scary with such basic execution
    2.5 of 5 by Matt Donato [What to Watch ]
  • "The Unholy" is a good tight scary commercial theological horror film; "The Unholy" has a religious plot that actually works for it; it's the rare contempo horror film that actually has faith in the story it's telling
    by Owen Gleiberman [Variety ]
  • "The Unholy" is a bore; "The Unholy" has the stately aura (and endless speechifying) of a sermon, but it's really a creaky nothing of a B-movie, like a chintzy Halloween exhibit set up inside an old church
    Review rate : D+ by A.A. Dowd [AV Club ]
  • "The Unholy" fails to perform the miracle of injecting new life into religious horror. Its attempts at thematic depth end up far too shallow, and there's no real grasp of scare crafting or mood-setting to compensate
    2 of 5 by Meagan Navarro [Bloody Disgusting ]
  • "The Unholy" doesn't generate much enthusiasm; "The Unholy" suggests filmmaker Evan Spiliotopoulos could be a strong voice in a crowded field, but this unoriginal and choppy, religious themed venture will struggle to convert anyone
    Review rate : D+ by Nate Adams [The Only Critic ]

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