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  • Thunder Force
    • Genre : Action,Adventure,Comedy
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : 105 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Netflix
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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  • [the movie] instead opting to introduce a pair of totally bland heroes who string along a plot that is not only boring and predictable, but at times doesn't make any sense whatsoever; Plain and simple, "Thunder Force" isn't funny
    2 of 5 by Eric Eisenberg [CinemaBlend ]
  • there's a great comedy waiting to be made starring this twosome, and when it does, we can look back at “Thunder Force” as the team's somewhat underwhelming launch pad
    by Alonso Duralde [The Wrap ]
  • the transformed Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are no match for lazy, gross-out jokes and mediocre action sequences; it's also a feeble superhero comedy with lazy, gross-out jokes, mediocre action sequences, some bad sitcom-level acting
    1.5 of 4 by Richard Roeper [Chicago Sun-Times ]
  • the issue here is the inherent laziness of the storytelling, the humor and the entire enterprise. There's never a feeling that anything is at stake, and it makes it impossible to invest any emotions into it
    Review rate : D by Adam Graham [Detroit News ]
  • it's a comedy about superheroes that contains very few jokes about superheroes; The film is more frustrating than anything else -- it had the opportunity to say so much but ends up doing very little at all
    2 of 5 by Clarisse Loughrey [Independent (UK) ]
  • almost nothing about this movie works, and it's definitely for lack of trying; "Thunder Force" is too inept and apathetic to be truly wicked, in the way of one of its Miscreants. But it's certainly not a journey worthy of a superhero
    by Angie Han [Mashable ]
  • a painfully lazy Netflix comedy; "Thunder Force," the latest in a string of dismal comic collaborations between Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, does nothing to improve upon its predecessors
    by Jeannette Catsoulis [New York Times ]
  • "Thunder Force" isn't clever enough to break new ground in the superhero milieu, nor is it silly enough to mine its material for the kind of jokes that would make it distinctive
    Review rate : C by Kate Erbland [IndieWire ]
  • "Thunder Force" exhibits moments of delightful insanity. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. Thunder Force wishes to put a new spin on the superhero movie, and while it shows some promise, it ultimately falls back into conventional territory
    2 of 5 by Rachel LaBonte [ScreenRant ]

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