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  • Space Sweepers
    • Genre : Adventure,Sci-Fi,Action
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Duration : 136 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 12.2
    • Studio : Netflix
    • Official Site :
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      Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.

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Movie Reviews

  • this familiar sci-fi flick still offers spectacle and fun aplenty; Song is a sympathetic & intriguing hero, with his tragic backstory providing the story's throughline & culminating in a manner that's satisfying while also making the journey worthwhile
    3.5 of 5 by Zaki Hasan [IGN Movies ]
  • it's a blast; "Space Sweepers" is not a perfect movie, nor a particularly innovative one, but the science-fiction adventure is certainly fun, with colorful performances and impressive CGI
    by Karen Han [Slate Magazine ]
  • chock full of detailed costuming, eye-catching production design, and winking world building visuals that populate every corner of the frame; it's a visual delight, the crew of Victory have charisma to spare, the space chases are a satisfactory thrill
    by Johnny Loftus [Decider ]
  • a space-action adventure that's a whole lot of fun; "Space Sweepers" is an energetic space adventure that manages to slightly emotionally engage the audience while stimulating them with fun action sequences
    3.5 of 5 by Daniel Hart [Ready Steady Cut ]
  • "Space Sweepers" feels more like an exhaustive box-ticking exercise designed by committee than the bold realisation of a coherent cinematic vision
    2.5 of 5 by James Marsh [South China Morning Post ]

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