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  • Mass
    • Genre : Drama
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : -
    • Duration : 110 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : 7 Eccles Street
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  • it's a talk-therapy drama that packs a truthful punch; the movie announces Fran Kranz as a bold new filmmaker who has earned the right to excavate a subject as sensitive as this one
    by Owen Gleiberman [Variety ]
  • it's a study of human pain and anger in painstaking detail, supported by a script which is hauntingly realistic without dipping into mawkish or exploitative territory
    by Hannah Woodhead [Little White Lies ]
  • Fran Kranz, has crafted an impressively bracing debut devoid of sentimentality; a difficult and impeccably acted film about forgiveness and blame; "Mass" may not be a particularly enjoyable experience but it's a strikingly effective one
    4 of 5 by Benjamin Lee [The Guardian ]
  • Fran Kranz's poignant debut feature.. is a brave premise, handled sympathetically by Kranz; more importantly, the film beautifully expresses humanity's best aspects — our capacity to forgive and connect with the most unlikely of people
    by Johnny Oleksinski [New York Post ]
  • Fran Kranz undoubtedly draws upon his Broadway experience for a script that is both terse and mannered, yet utterly natural and organic; it is also a story of grace, perfectly told and etched into every understated frame
    by Richard Whittaker [Austin Chronicle ]
  • Fran Kranz has made a quiet, contemplative film on a subject of ongoing national urgency; It's a harrowing watch, but a cathartic one, with each of the four superb principal actors delivering scenes of wrenching release
    by David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • Fran Kranz has crafted "Mass" as an intense, involving, moving and thought-provoking chamber piece of a film that explores the way two different sets of parents deal with the emotional aftermath of a school shooting, years after it occurred
    by Pete Hammond [Deadline ]
  • a difficult but absorbingly intimate film about what happens to the soul of a country where indiscriminate death has been allowed to become a part of life & how the survivors work to share the burden that all of them have to carry for someone else's sins
    Review rate : B by David Ehrlich [IndieWire ]
  • "Mass", as maddening as it can be, still feels like an urgent and necessary movie, if not at all an easy one - and an exceptional opportunity too to watch four great character actors, finally called up from the sidelines to center stage, do what they do
    Review rate : B by Leah Greenblatt [Entertainment Weekly ]
  • "Mass" features several of the strongest performances you'll see this year, and directorial confidence and cleverness that makes what's largely a one-room, four-way conversation feel cinematic despite its deliberate claustrophobia
    Review rate : B by Jessica Kiang [The Playlist ]

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