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  • The Marksman
    • Genre : Action,Thriller
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    • Studio : Open Road Films
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      Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.

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  • predictable to a fault, the movie coasts pleasurably on Neeson's seasoned, sad-sweet charisma -- an asset that's been tragically imprisoned in mopey-loner roles and generic action thrillers
    by Jeannette Catsoulis [New York Times ]
  • Jim's a pretty good shot; But in this humorless, standard issue action vehicle, Liam Neeson's aim is off
    Review rate : C- by Adam Graham [Detroit News ]
  • it's a simplistic, closed-loop moral universe in which the major plot thread is tied up too neatly and others are pretty much forgotten; However, its lasting impression is of a tensionless road trip that hits potholes of its own making
    by Michael Ordona [Los Angeles Times ]
  • if you can abide its beat-to-beat storytelling formula, complete with comically generic gangster villains scarcely worth mentioning, this is an entertainingly competent, above-average Liam Neeson effort
    3 of 5 by Shaun Munro [Flickering Myth ]
  • by the time "The Marksman" fades out on its very Eastwoodian finale, Clint's touch doesn't feel like an unsubtle inspiration so much as it does a severe kind of absence
    Review rate : C- by David Ehrlich [IndieWire ]
  • a solid entry in the Neeson action oeuvre; The movie displays the measured pacing and tautness marking many of Eastwood's films and Neeson delivers an Eastwood-style performance while also revealing an emotional vulnerability that proves fully relatable
    by Frank Scheck [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • "The Marksman" proves itself to be the cinematic version of comfort food: satisfyingly familiar but full of starch and empty calories; it might disappoint the most hardcore fans of Liam Neeson's action resume
    2 of 4 by Michael O'Sullivan [Washington Post ]
  • "The Marksman" is easily forgettable, but offers a welcome respite from the country's political turmoil; It's a rote action film with a smidgen of heart, but a much needed diversion from the shocking insurrection
    2.5 of 5 by Julian Roman [MovieWeb ]
  • "The Marksman" adheres firmly to a formula. Every plot point is pretty much a foregone conclusion from the start; The formula has no surprises, but it's executed in a satisfactory manner
    2.5 of 4 by Mike McGranaghan [Aisle Seat ]

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