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  • In the Earth
    • Genre : Horror
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : 100 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : NEON
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      Go! Watch this movie. You'll regret if not seeing it.

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  • it's the first COVID movie that dares to think beyond what it can see in front of its face, venture into the world outside, and confront how terrifying and necessary it's going to be to commune with nature on new terms when the nightmare is over
    Review rate : B+ by David Ehrlich [IndieWire ]
  • it might feel a bit too familiar to "A Field in England" and raises more questions than it answers, but it's a riveting trip nonetheless
    3.5 of 5 by Meagan Navarro [Bloody Disgusting ]
  • In the Earth is a welcome dose of mind-bending weirdness from Wheatley; The film feels like the love child of "Kill List" and "A Field in England", but cleaves closer to straight horror, with a creeping sense of dread established from the opening scene
    by Hannah Woodhead [Little White Lies ]
  • in Ben Wheatley's disorienting slog, "In the Earth"... The cluttered plot keeps surging forward while providing too few illuminating insights, instead loading up on mystical mumbo jumbo and flashes of gore
    by David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • British horror-and-mayhem specialist Ben Wheatley's little quickie is a tedious walk in the woods, a ho-hum affair featuring dull characters and a succession of unpleasant injuries. Imagination and surprise are in short supply
    by Todd McCarthy [Deadline ]
  • Ben Wheatley's such a pro at making audiences uneasy; The film feels right in line with the kind of mayhem that Wheatley has been serving up his entire career, including some graphically gory details that are hard to unsee
    by Peter Debruge [Variety ]
  • Ben Wheatley parlays the quirks and anxieties of pandemic life into an skittishly effective outdoor horror; It's nothing too sophisticated or layered: a jab of timely anxiety, destined to be a freakout midnight movie when cinemas finally reopen
    3 of 5 by Dave Calhoun [Time Out New York ]
  • Ben Wheatley and his collaborators have produced something that some of us thought would be impossible: an outrageously entertaining film that feels utterly rooted in the bleak era in which it was made
    5 of 5 by Robbie Collin [Daily Telegraph (UK) ]
  • an ambitiously shot mid-lockdown B-movie boasts some eerie visuals and genuine suspense but stumbles with an overly convoluted mythology
    3 of 5 by Benjamin Lee [The Guardian ]
  • "In the Earth" luridly, creepily evokes the totality of nature's wrath; Ben Wheatley perversely, cheekily follows characters who flee into the woods implicitly on the run from a virus only to find that nature has more than one way of exacting its wrath
    3 of 4 by Chuck Bowen [Slant Magazine ]
  • "In the Earth" isn't a complete washout; there are moments of bleak humor, genre fans will enjoy the striking imagery and gross-out shivers, and the director has an undeniable gift for setting and maintaining a mood
    Review rate : C by Jason Bailey [The Playlist ]

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