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  • Glass
    • Genre : Thriller
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : 129 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : Universal Pictures
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      Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.

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  • the trouble with Glass is that its mildly intriguing meta-textual narrative is so much richer and more compelling than the asinine story that Shyamalan tells on its surface
    Review rate : C- by David Ehrlich [Indiewire ]
  • Glass unravels hard in its spell-everything-out, twist-heavy third act which also suffers from a resounding anticlimactic dud of an ending, despite the director's best efforts to frame it as something gloriously epic and melodramatic
    Review rate : C+ by Rodrigo Perez [The Playlist ]
  • essentially a "Split" sequel with an "Unbreakable" topping, this is weaker than either of those films but still has a decent amount of entertaining and creepy sequences, most of them due to McAvoy's high-commitment performance
    3 of 5 by Nick De Semlyen [Empire Magazine ]
  • as has almost always been the case, Shyamalan's command of camera and composition far surpasses his abilities as a screenwriter -- although the sober goofiness of Glass's script does fit kinda nicely with the film's mannered, alluring aesthetic
    by Richard Lawson [Vanity Fair ]
  • as a trilogy-closer, it's a mixed bag, tying earlier narrative strands together pleasingly while working too hard (and failing) to convince viewers Shyamalan has something uniquely brainy to offer in the overpopulated arena of comics-inspired stories
    by John DeFore [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • "Glass" occupies us without haunting us; The movie, watchable as it is, is still a disappointment, because it extends and belabors the conceits of "Unbreakable" without the sensation of mystical dark discovery that made that film indelible
    by Owen Gleiberman [Variety ]
  • "Glass" is a shattering disappointment and a monumental artistic misfire from one of my favorite filmmakers. It is, at least, a testament to my belief that 'Unbreakable' needed no sequel
    1.5 of 5 by Scott Mendelson [Forbes ]

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