Breaking News in Yuba County Reviews

  • Breaking News in Yuba County
    • Genre : Drama,Comedy,Crime
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : -
    • Production Budget : -
    • Studio : MGM
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      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

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  • this is beyond terrible; How did "The Help" director Tate Taylor corral such an elite team of Allison Janney, Regina Hall, Mila Kunis, Awkwafina and so on for such a tone-deaf, relentlessly unfunny slapstick disaster?
    by Randy Myers [San Jose Mercury News ]
  • that might not be a hitch if the movie spun a truly seductive web of crazy. But the narrative insanity, while studded with a few well-placed zingers, mostly feels strained, shuttling between the preposterous, the barbed and the halfhearted
    by Sheri Linden [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • none of the curious friction of its story, nor in its cast, results in any sort of frisson of excitement, dread, or even shock; The fine cast deserves better
    Review rate : D+ by Allison Shoemaker [AV Club ]
  • it's bringing together a stacked cast. Unfortunately, "Breaking News in Yuba County" doesn't know how to utilize them, resulting in a hodge-podge of slapstick humor
    Review rate : D+ by Nate Adams [The Only Critic ]
  • an entertaining, oddball films with unique stories and stacked casts; A film that has an effortlessly diverse cast playing characters who exist outside of historical biopic or civil rights drama is something we need more of in Hollywood
    4 of 5 by Monique Jones [Common Sense Media ]
  • Allison Janney and Regina Hall can't save a joyless satire; A big ensemble cast of entirely unlikable, unsympathetic characters make Tate Taylor's trashy comedy a mess from top to toe
    Review rate : D+ by Ryan Lattanzio [IndieWire ]
  • a weak imitation of much better movies; These fine actors.. trying hard to be funny rarely leads to actually being funny, or any other positive outcome
    1.5 of 4 by Robert Levin [Newsday ]

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