New Found Glory
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New Found Glory

Famous As
Pop punk/melodic hardcore band
Birth Name
A New Found Glory
Birth Date
Oct 15, 1997
Birth Place
Coral Springs, Florida, USA
New Found Glory Trivia
  1. Their "My Friends over You" music video featured Travis Barker of Blink-182.

  2. The music video of "Dressed to Kill" featured Rachael Leigh Cook.

  3. The original version of "Hit or Miss" video presented Corey Feldman, who is one of their friends.

  4. Their single, "Hit or Miss", contained verse from Robert Frost's poem of "Nothing Gold Can Stay" as quoted in the 1983 movie "The Outsiders."

  5. Their self-titled album featured bonus track "So Many Ways" for the Japanese release and the first 5,000 copies of U.S release.

  6. Initially intended to name single "All Downhill from Here" just like their fourth album title, "Catalyst."

  7. Their song, "Forget Everything", was included in "American Wedding" soundtrack.

  8. Appeared in Troma Entertainment's production of "Tales From the Crapper" (2003) which went straight to video form.

  9. Song "This Disaster" was the first one confirmed for the game Madden 2005.