New Found Glory
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New Found Glory

Famous As
Pop punk/melodic hardcore band
Birth Name
A New Found Glory
Birth Date
Oct 18, 1997
Birth Place
Coral Springs, Florida, USA
New Found Glory Biography

Taking time to issue their fifth major album to the music stores in the month of September 2006, New Found Glory appears to have no intention to slow down indeed in working their path up to the end of the year. For the rest of the month only, the pop punk band has already been plotted to go around stores in California to greet fans concerning the release of the record, first at Tower Records Mountain View on September 22. By October 4, the troupe will be present in Covington, Kentucky to kick off their North American fall tour which is slated to run until November 15 with stops including the cities of Montreal, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Austin, and Boston. More to be noticed, there is another schedule for live shows abroad in Japan then England during second half of November and early December, not to mention a gig at Carling Academy in Glasgow, Scotland.

Combining powerful punk riffs with the raw energy of emo and hardcore song structure to create a unique style of their own, New Found Glory actually was comprised as a conglomerate of various acts in the Florida region when it took shape by 1997 in Coral Springs. All of the personnel hailed from different bands and began to line-up after the split of a music act called %cInner City Kids% which Ian Ryan Grushka (born on September 4, 1977) and Jordan Izaak Pundit (born October 12, 1979) had joined in for some time. Determined to establish a new one, the twosome thus persistently worked on their way together to finally recruit Chad Everett Gilbert (born on March 9, 1981) as lead guitarist, Stephen Lee Klein (born on September 30, 1979) on rhythm guitar, plus Joe Moreno on drum.

With Grushka handling the bass and Pundit settled on lead vocal, the troupe, being christened A New Found Glory at first, quickly embarked on a series of live performances before released their debut later that year, an EP entitled "It's All About the Girls", through a South Florida-based label Fiddler Records. Thanks to the previous energetic shows, the CD wonderfully managed to sell all 1,200 copies of its original pressing in quite a short time. Amidst this joyful moment, however, the band sadly had to drop Moreno because of different view in musical direction yet fortunately it did not take long for them to ultimately find his replacement in Cyrus William Bolooki (born February 27, 1980). Spending the next two years without any difficulty, they delightfully launched another work in October 1999, this time a full-length album titled “Nothing Gold Can Stay

Originally came up with a print run of 400 copies under Eulogy Recordings, the record surprisingly drew the attention of fellow pop punk band %cMidtown% which subsequently sent a copy of it to the owner of their recording company, Drive-Thru Records, %cStefanie Reines%. Upon noticing the group's potential talent, Reines immediately contacted Eulogy to afterwards secure the album's license and re-issued the CD later that year, furthermore even bringing them to sign under MCA, thanks to the distribution deal formed between the two music labels. Within a year, the troupe joyously saw themselves releasing their second full-length album, an eponymous one, through the company while at the same time decided to drop the “A” word from their band's name to make it easier for fans locating their CD in stores.

Contained 12 tracks altogether, the self-titled work turned out to be able to draw in a fairly well result for it smoothly made its way to strive high to the first place on Billboard's Heatseeker with one of its singles, “Hit or Miss”, entering the top 20 of the Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2001, and so leading the band to more public notice. The buzz surrounding them eventually gained momentum when their third studio album, “Sticks and Stones”, hit the market on June 11, 2002. Not only amazingly sold for 91,000 copies in its first week to claim the fourth rank on The Billboard 200, the record also pleasingly generated two hit singles of "Head on Collision" and “My Friends over You”, the latter even breaking to the top five of Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks. This attainment unquestionably led the quintet to vast popularity in turn, consequently propelled their career several notches higher for sure.

Moving on rather velvety since, New Found Glory wisely did not waste much time to follow it up with their subsequent effort, “Catalyst”, which came to the surface by May 18, 2004. Similar to its predecessor, the album also created fantastic outcome a week after its release as 146,000 copies were marvelously sold during the time, thereby leading the record to debut at number 3 on The Billboard 200 and later to Gold status given by RIAA on August 18, the same year. Despite this accomplishment, the troupe, however, shockingly opted to take some time off from any recordings to afterwards spend the next year holding tour around Europe and North America instead. It was not until the second half of 2006 that they finally made their comeback to the music scene with the launching of single "It's Not Your Fault" in July followed by a fifth studio album titled “Coming Home” on September 19 under their secondary label, Suretone Records.