Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson

Famous As
Birth Name
Kate Garry Hudson
Birth Date
Apr 19, 1979
Birth Place
Los Angeles, California, USA
Kate Hudson Trivia
  1. Included in People magazine's annual list of Best Dressed Women of 2008.

  2. Graced People magazine's annual "100 Most Beautiful People" cover as she landed the No. 1 spot on the list (May 2008).

  3. Chosen the 3rd in In Touch Magazine's list of Hollywood's Hottest Blondes in March 2007.

  4. Ranked #51 in Stuff Magazine's list of 102 Sexiest Women In The World by 2002.

  5. Teamed up with L.A. celeb hairstylist David Babaii to create "David Babaii for WildAid," a hair-care line that donates 10% of proceeds to the animal-protection organization WildAid (March 2008).

  6. Being crowned Elle Style Icon at the annual Elle Style Awards held at the Westway in Notting Hill, west London on February 12, 2008 for her "distinctive and kooky" fashion sense.

  7. Made the list of "The Sexiest Stars Under The Sun" compiled by Life & Style Magazine in May 2007 for having the Leanest Legs.

  8. Named the Sexiest Mom in the so-called "What is Sexy?" list compiled by Victoria's Secret in April 2007.

  9. Was the 9th Best Dressed Woman according to a poll conducted by UK Glamour Magazine in January 2007.

  10. Included in the poll conducted by American magazine "In Touch" on Hollywood's Hottest Moms (November 2005).

  11. Won libel damages from the British edition of the National Enquirer for an October 2005 article that claimed Hudson was "way too thin" and looked "like skin and bones." (July 2006).

  12. Is a big fan of hippy/jam scene so she enthusiastically attended the 2004 Jammy Awards held in Madison Square Garden.

  13. Refused to play Mary Jane Watson in "Spider-Man" (2002) and went for the role of Ethne Eustace in "The Four Feathers" (2002) instead.

  14. Is the niece of Brett and Mark Hudson, parts of the rock group the Hudson Brothers.

  15. Used to be called "Hammerhead" as in hammerhead shark by her brother, Oliver, when they were still children.

  16. Is a left-handed person.

  17. Dropped 60 pounds in three months after giving birth to Ryder to portray Caroline Ellis in "The Skeleton Key" (2005).

  18. Was placed on the 38th rank in VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties by 2004.

  19. Was the youngest person to be included in Premiere's Power 100 List in the year 2003, sitting on the 99th rank.

  20. Collaborated with her family to establish a production company named Cosmic Entertainment in 2003.

  21. Had become the stand-in for a 7-years-old actress who acted as Goldie Hawn's daughter in "Wildcats" (1986).

  22. Actually won a lead role in a never-produced television show with Howie Mandel at the age of 11, but her mother, Goldie Hawn, did not tell her about this until she revealed it in the following year.

  23. Her son's middle name, Russell, is taken from Kurt Russell's whom she always considers as her father.

  24. Had crave for sour food during her pregnancy.

  25. Her favorite singers include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.

  26. Her wedding ring is made of white gold.

  27. Fell in love at the first sight to Chris Robinson who later became her husband.

  28. Was included in her high school's soccer team.

  29. Enrolled in and graduated from Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences together with NBA superstar Baron Davis.

  30. Does not like to apply make-up on her face and washes it with Cetaphil.

  31. Adores late actress Bette Davis.

  32. Is of Italian and Jewish descent.

  33. Can play piano and speak French.

  34. Likes playing guitar, writing music, and involving herself in arts & crafts.

  35. Loves to eat candies, especially chocolate.

  36. Is a good friend of Liv Tyler and Keith Richards, guitarist of The Rolling Stones.

  37. Has 3 dogs which are a Pomeranian named Clara, an English bulldog called Doctor, and a Neapolitan mastiff named Bella.

  38. Was born on the same date with Ashley Judd.

  39. Likes to buy clothes from vintage stores and create her own jewelry.

  40. Is the cousin of singer-songwriter Sarah Hudson.

  41. Has a nickname of Katie.