Anna Paquin Trivia
  1. Worked with her brother, Andrew, in their film production of "Blue State" (2008) which she also starred.

  2. Aspired to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand or a lawyer when she was younger.

  3. Has kept in close contact with both of her"X-Men 2" (2003) co-stars Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Stanford after filming the movie.

  4. Likes doing photography, playing the piano, swimming, skiing, knitting, reading, watching rugby, running, and listening to alternative music.

  5. Portrayed Jeff Daniels' romantic partner in "The Squid and the Whale" (2005) while she previously had played her daughter nine years ago in "Fly Away Home" (1996).

  6. Was listed in Teen People Magazine's 25 Hottest Stars under 25 in 2002.

  7. Made a brief trip to Toronto, Canada while filming "Amistad" (1997) in Montreal to undergo 5 TV ads for a telephone company of her hometown in Winnipeg and delivered all of them using a Canadian accent in a variety of costumes.

  8. Got tickled on her feet by David Letterman in "Late Show with David Letterman" by 1996 when she was tricked by him to climb into what seemed to be a magician box with only her head and feet exposed.

  9. Actually was the first choice to play Enola on "Water World" (1995), but the role eventually went to Tina Majorino instead.

  10. Defeated about 5,000 girls for the role of Flora McGrath in "The Piano" (1993).

  11. Still has not watched all of "The Piano" (1993) as the movie was rated R when being released in that year whereas she at that time was only 11 years old.

  12. Once worked in an L.A soup kitchen and at a special education center to complete her school's community requirement.

  13. Her first acting experience was playing a skunk in a school ballet.

  14. Appeared in a series of MCI commercials.

  15. Her theatrical resume includes Kenneth Lonergan's West End production of "This is Our Youth", Paul Weitz's Ensemble Studio Theater's "Roulette", and Neil LaBute's "The Distance from Here."

  16. Has been the college classmate of Julia Stiles.

  17. Is the big fan of The Beatles and Nine Inch Nails.

  18. Puts her Oscar statue in her bedroom closet so people who visit her house will not see and feel the need to give their comment on it.

  19. Her pets are two cats and a dog.

  20. Speaks fluent French.

  21. Is the first New Zealand citizen to earn an Oscar for Best Supporting category.

  22. Can play cello well.

  23. Her favorite color is green.

  24. Is a vegetarian.